Parents Association

Our Parent’s Association is an organization dedicated to enriching the religious life of our children. The PA works in conjunction with the Religious School Board and the Principal of the Religious School. The organization’s membership is open to any and all of Temple Beth Sholom’s Members. Attending the monthly meetings is a great way to get to know one another and to feel like a more cohesive group. Direct participation in our religious school is perhaps one of the most rewarding functions of the PA.

What Does the PA Do?

These are examples of just some of what the PA does throughout the school year . . . come join our work in enriching our children’s religious school experience!

Image of Honey Jar for ORT fundraiser

Please take a few moments and consider participation in our Rosh Hashanah ORT Honey Fundraiser. A purchase of wishes for a sweet new year will benifit both Temple Beth Sholom and ORT.


Jody Harkavy, President